Diagnosing and Treating a Sprained Thumb

Thumb sprains are common among elite athletes, but you don't have to be an NBA star to end up with this injury. Something as simple as a fall can cause you to sprain your thumb, and the symptoms start immediately. Sprained thumb self-care works for minor injuries but isn't enough when dealing with moderate to severe sprains. Learn more about thumb sprains and determine if you should seek treatment from PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency [...]

Dislocated Shoulder Symptoms and Treatment

In the old days, people thought they could pop dislocated shoulders back in place and go on with their lives. Some people got lucky, but many ended up with chronic shoulder instability, severe nerve damage, and other complications. That's a significant risk, so going to PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care for dislocated shoulder treatment is essential. Learn more about dislocated shoulders and discover what to expect during your recovery. Symptoms of a Dislocated Shoulder [...]

Migraine Warning Signs and Treatment

Many people think a migraine attack is a headache, but it’s not true. A neurological condition, migraine symptoms are severe and debilitating without proper treatment. Learn about migraine warning signs and symptoms and how to get relief at PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care. Migraine Warning Signs Most people receive some warning before a migraine headache appears. Many migraine episodes begin with the prodrome stage, which can last for hours or days. During this stage, [...]

Identifying Whiplash Symptoms and How to Treat It

Whiplash is a very common injury, most often caused by car accidents. Even minor car accidents can cause whiplash by causing your head and neck to whip back and forth quickly. Athletes can also experience whiplash, especially in contact sports like football. A sudden force, like hitting another body, can cause neck strain. Neck strain is another term for whiplash. Symptoms of Whiplash It can take 24 hours or even longer for your whiplash symptoms [...]

Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

Herpes is a common virus that can cause you to develop painful and itchy sores. When these sores appear, it is called an outbreak. Oral herpes is a herpes infection in the throat, mouth, or around the lips. Genital herpes is when the virus comes into contact with the genitals, butt, or anus. You may or may not experience herpes symptoms. But herpes is a lifelong infection that you can spread to others even if [...]

Signs of a Strep Throat Infection

A sore throat can be a literal pain. And you might be worrying that your sore throat is strep throat. Although strep throat is most common in children, anyone can get this bacterial infection. Many viral infections can cause similar pain and soreness in the throat. It’s important to know what symptoms to look for if you think you might have strep throat. And because strep is highly contagious, spending time near someone who has [...]

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